Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thirst - Themed Earrings

These have been getting a lot of attention online recently. I found out today that they're being featured in a blood themed treasury on, so I'm thrilled!
When I first started working out the design for these beauties, I was definitely inspired by sinister Halloween imagery. Tired of the standard ghosts, skeletons, and pumpkins I'd spy hanging off ear wires, I was determined to create something unique. I wanted my creation to touch upon the Halloween theme, but also remain classic enough to stand alone and be worn all year long. What's the point in investing in something so luxurious that has limited usage?
Visions of vampires, and Gothic motifs guided my imagination. I found a gorgeous chandelier type earring emerging, that was dripping with rubies, sapphires, and a large quartz briolette. (The quartz looks red in the picture, but it's actually perfectly clear. A real gorgeous cut of crystal.) Once I oxidized the sterling silver metal, the piece finally came alive.
As I made these earrings, a vision of the woman who would wear them emerged.
A scene unfolded in my mind, featuring a sultry female vampire. This woman would prowl dark alleys at night, draped in luxurious gems and clothes, in order to entice unsuspecting human prey. Similar to a venus fly trap, her victim would creep up to her in curiosity, in order to get a better look. Suddenly she'd attack, clamping down on them with white pointy teeth, draining them dry, and they'd be doomed. Gliding back to her darkened apartment, she'd gingerly wipe her blood covered mouth off with the back of her hand, take off her earrings, and flick them onto her counter. Blood would splatter everywhere, and that's when I'd take my picture of these earrings at the scene (see above). What else was I to call them but "Thirst".


ChezChani said...

Those are great. And good for year round, not just Halloween.

Empress Kateri said...

Super awesome! And I love your hair ^_^


MeghanT said...

Thanks guys! It's nice to see people stopping by to peruse my blog. :)

MeghanT said...

These earrings are really gathering a lot of attention! First they were featured in a Treasury on Etsy, and yesterday I got a message saying that they're featured on this website :


Anonymous said...
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