Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shopping at Tiffany & Co. - care to join me?

I have always been a big fan of Tiffany & Co. I love their chunky sterling silver necklace designs dripping with hearts and large toggle clasps. Their creations are so classic and elegant that I get a lot of wear out of them - and this is how I justify the ridiculously expensive prices. Yes, I do realize that I'm paying for a brand but I don't care!

A year and a half ago I treated myself to a gorgeous sterling silver heart necklace and a charm bracelet as a treat for my birthday. I promised myself at the time that I would buy myself a charm to celebrate special moments and momentous achievements - but I'm embarrassed to say I forgot. I delved into running my own business and designing my own jewelry line, and consequently my gorgeous new charm braclet lay...charmless and unused. I have focused on making gorgeous creations in my studio but I never get to keep them. They all go out the door to someone else.

It's my boyfriends birthday in a few days so I popped over to Yorkdale mall to buy him a gift. On my way there I picked up this gorgeous new charm from Tiffany. I've been working so hard this year and I spend so much of my time designing things for other people, it's time to give myself a treat to acknowledge my accomplishments. I want something that I don't have to lift a finger to create.

When I was a little girl I had an old teddy bear I carried around with me EVERYWHERE. It was such a comfort for me to drag around. I still have him - he's old, full of holes and his head lolls to the side, but now he reclines in a special corner of my room in peace and quiet. I figured carrying THIS bear around is a bit more dignified.

What do you think of my newest charm?

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Meet Maui! Here she is enjoying a catnip stuffed mouse I bought for her on She carries it around the house all the time now and it's gotten quite fuzzy with use. If you toss it across the room she'll retrieve it just like a puppy. We give this toy two paws up!

Here's where we bought "mouse" from:

We have our eyes on this one next:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

30 second video featuring some of my creations!

I was experimenting with movie making today guys! I designed a quick video featuring some of my favorite creations. It's really short (30 seconds) but gives you a glimpse at my 2009 collection. Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flamboyant Flower Ring

I am branching out and bit and starting to experiment with simple ring designs. Grenada is a constant source of inspiration for me so I turned to a picture I took on vacation of a Flamboyant flower and used this as my color palette. I love the bright orange, yellow, and reds in the flower you see on your left. I wanted to be able to wear it on my finger - and hence my "Framboyant Flower Ring" was born.

This large embellished ring, inspired by Grenada's Flamboyant Flower, is just bursting with vibrancy and color. Tonnes of finely wrapped Swarovski crystals explode in a radial of orange yellow and red - offset by blackened sterling silver forming a hot, smoldering coal type effect. It's like peering into a fire pit when you have this little beauty shimmering on your finger. It conjures up memories of sultry Caribbean nights, the heady perfume of tropical flowers, and a mesmerizing fire on the beach.

The ring is designed to worship movement. The Swarovski charms spill from side to side as your hands stir, only halting when you do. The overall shape is constantly in flux and playing around with this ring on your finger gets addictive.

I intend to expand upon the concept of rings with movement more in the future. Stay tuned for new designs! This ring can currently be found in my online store:

Enjoy fire child!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fire Child

Nothing beats the fiery tropical sunsets you are privileged to
witness on warm nights in Grenada. It's as if someone struck a match and decided to light up the heavens. Like a bonfire, deep reds, oranges, and pinks lick across the sky, until darkness descends and mutes everything with a cool inky blackness. No sunset is ever the same, and we’re constantly amazed at the majesty of nature. Who needs a painting in your home, when you can walk out onto your balcony, and be stunned anew each and every evening. I have been on a beach theme lately, and I wanted to try to capture the essence of Grenada's sunsets just before darkness descends. I believe these earrings do Grenada justice, don’t you think?

These stunning luxurious crystals have been painstakingly wire wrapped in oxidized sterling silver, and hung from thick sterling silver rings. I utilized a decent amount of silver in this creation, so these Sunset earrings have a nice weight to them, and feel good in the palm of your hand. My earrings are always comfortable, and hang gently from your ears.

Don’t have time to escape some place special this year? No problem. Live vicariously though these earrings and marvel at the smoldering Caribbean sunset captured in these crystals, which are now swinging from your ears.

Enjoy the burn fire child!

Length from top to bottom: 5.5 cm
Swarovski crystals – 2.6cm by 1.5cm
Oxidized sterling silver


These earrings recently made it onto the front page of Etsy THREE times! Now that's star power! They are a hit in the Caribbean and are my number one seller offline.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From the cellars

Lovers of red wine - unite!

These earrings are a homage to the large wine cellar my boyfriend has in our basement. He's a bit of a wine connoisseur and I like to encourage his hobbies(especially whey they benefit me directly). I am passionate about my red wines and looking at these earrings reminds me that some of the lovely Pinot Noir's and Merlots we have stashed away downstairs need to be drunk before 2009 is out. Better get on that.

Featuring a lovely polished burgundy colored tagua nut slice, wire wrapped with oxidized sterling silver wire, and decorated in a fringe of faceted onyx and ruby beads. Perfect for that special wine tasting party I know you plan to throw this summer!


Length from top to bottom: 5cm

Material: Tagua
Sterling silver

Party Time!


It's party time!

I love seeing people throw confetti. It looks like such fun. I worry about my hair sometimes though, because when I'm rocking my curls you can't really run your fingers through your locks to pull out the little bits of paper that land in it. could but your hair would end up a frizzy mess. Maybe I should clarify and state that I'd love to be on the throwing
end of a confetti storm. If you see me coiffed and dressed up - please- direct your confetti assault at my partner who has straight hair and can take it (guys don't care much about hair anyway).

These earrings are simply a bit of fun I conjured up in my studio. They're not meant to be taken too seriously. Toss them on with a tank top and away you go.

Featuring gorgeous colored tagua nut diamonds(in bright pink, lime green, and purple) strung together with gold filled links and hanging from a stamped 14k gold filled ear hook. I alternated the color sequence on each pair of earrings because I liked this slightly quirky look.


Length from top to bottom: 8.9cm


Tagua nut diamonds (purple, magenta, lime green)
Gold filled links
14k gold filled ear hook