Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Water Child - Exploring the irresistible pull

There is something I find utterly irresistible about water. It features prominently in a lot of my designs, the staging of my jewellery, and as a person I find myself lured by it. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what is is about water that I find so captivating, but there are definitely powerful forces at work!

I am a very sensitive person, who is very in tune with her environment. Early on in my life I discovered that water has a certain energy to it. My favorite place to be was in the middle of Lance Aux Epines bay in Grenada, on a small kayak. I'd paddle out far enough away from land to feel utterly surrounded. The thrilling surge of energy I'd get from being out at sea is what kept me going back, again and again. It's hard to hold on to petty problems and concerns, when you're being saturated by something so inspiring.

When I moved back to Canada from Grenada, I immediately had to get a fish tank. I live in a city now and instead of the sprawling beaches I was used to, I have had to contend with acres of concrete. Not so enriching for the soul! Nothing compares to the untamed majesty of Grenada's salty beaches though.
I believe in doing what feels right, and making choices that nurture your soul. This is why I have taken a bit of an aquatic turn with my jewellery design. Most people are starting to get a feel for my style and can see that Caribbean themes and materials are constantly popping up in my designs. Certain choice jewellery items that I am working on seem to come alive when I add a little water at the photo shoot, so I am running with this, and listening to my intuition.

My latest creation (seen to your left) draws inspiration from Aquarium Beach. We frequent this beach to snorkel because a short swim off shore are some wonderful coral reefs, just begging to be explored. It's a perfect location, great for photography enthusiasts. I've taken some of my best photographs of the island from this beach, and I intend to go back to stage some of my jewellery at this hot spot.

There is a restaurant (which hosts amazing parties) along this beach called...what else...Aquarium! The owners are wonderful, and often times we'd walk into the bar after a swim and enjoy a delicious tropical beverage. Aquarium also happens to be one of my favorite restaurants, so naturally we go there frequently to eat. The owners wife is an artist, and she does amazing paintings which I love to check out. She's done a great series on mermaids, and when I'm rich and famous, I intend to buy one! If you're interested, check out Aquarium's link:

Well, you can be sure I'm not going to be done with the whole Caribbean sea/aquatic thing anytime soon! I'm just getting started and have only begun to flex my muscles. Grenada is gearing up to host some of my items at local boutiques, so I aim to impress! Plans for an amazing sea themed photo shoot are in the production phase.

This is such an amazing career to be undertaking, because I'm able to pull so many different talents together to make things work! It's so true that when you find the thing you were meant to do, it will never feel like work! I can't wait to see where things will take me in the future. In the meantime, I'm gearing up to do some swimming!




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