Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Party Time!


It's party time!

I love seeing people throw confetti. It looks like such fun. I worry about my hair sometimes though, because when I'm rocking my curls you can't really run your fingers through your locks to pull out the little bits of paper that land in it. Well...you could but your hair would end up a frizzy mess. Maybe I should clarify and state that I'd love to be on the throwing
end of a confetti storm. If you see me coiffed and dressed up - please- direct your confetti assault at my partner who has straight hair and can take it (guys don't care much about hair anyway).

These earrings are simply a bit of fun I conjured up in my studio. They're not meant to be taken too seriously. Toss them on with a tank top and away you go.

Featuring gorgeous colored tagua nut diamonds(in bright pink, lime green, and purple) strung together with gold filled links and hanging from a stamped 14k gold filled ear hook. I alternated the color sequence on each pair of earrings because I liked this slightly quirky look.


Length from top to bottom: 8.9cm


Tagua nut diamonds (purple, magenta, lime green)
Gold filled links
14k gold filled ear hook

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