Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flamboyant Flower Ring

I am branching out and bit and starting to experiment with simple ring designs. Grenada is a constant source of inspiration for me so I turned to a picture I took on vacation of a Flamboyant flower and used this as my color palette. I love the bright orange, yellow, and reds in the flower you see on your left. I wanted to be able to wear it on my finger - and hence my "Framboyant Flower Ring" was born.

This large embellished ring, inspired by Grenada's Flamboyant Flower, is just bursting with vibrancy and color. Tonnes of finely wrapped Swarovski crystals explode in a radial of orange yellow and red - offset by blackened sterling silver forming a hot, smoldering coal type effect. It's like peering into a fire pit when you have this little beauty shimmering on your finger. It conjures up memories of sultry Caribbean nights, the heady perfume of tropical flowers, and a mesmerizing fire on the beach.

The ring is designed to worship movement. The Swarovski charms spill from side to side as your hands stir, only halting when you do. The overall shape is constantly in flux and playing around with this ring on your finger gets addictive.

I intend to expand upon the concept of rings with movement more in the future. Stay tuned for new designs! This ring can currently be found in my online store: www.MeghanT.etsy.com

Enjoy fire child!

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