Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fire Child

Nothing beats the fiery tropical sunsets you are privileged to
witness on warm nights in Grenada. It's as if someone struck a match and decided to light up the heavens. Like a bonfire, deep reds, oranges, and pinks lick across the sky, until darkness descends and mutes everything with a cool inky blackness. No sunset is ever the same, and we’re constantly amazed at the majesty of nature. Who needs a painting in your home, when you can walk out onto your balcony, and be stunned anew each and every evening. I have been on a beach theme lately, and I wanted to try to capture the essence of Grenada's sunsets just before darkness descends. I believe these earrings do Grenada justice, don’t you think?

These stunning luxurious crystals have been painstakingly wire wrapped in oxidized sterling silver, and hung from thick sterling silver rings. I utilized a decent amount of silver in this creation, so these Sunset earrings have a nice weight to them, and feel good in the palm of your hand. My earrings are always comfortable, and hang gently from your ears.

Don’t have time to escape some place special this year? No problem. Live vicariously though these earrings and marvel at the smoldering Caribbean sunset captured in these crystals, which are now swinging from your ears.

Enjoy the burn fire child!

Length from top to bottom: 5.5 cm
Swarovski crystals – 2.6cm by 1.5cm
Oxidized sterling silver


These earrings recently made it onto the front page of Etsy THREE times! Now that's star power! They are a hit in the Caribbean and are my number one seller offline.

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