Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lance Aux Epines Cottages - What's cooking?

I grew up loving Lance Aux Epines Cottages. It's an adorable little tranquil resort on the island of Grenada. I've watched it change over the years and grow into something incredible. The staff are old friends, the gardens are always so inspiring, and the color makes me want to drop to the grass with a sketch book and start designing. I love going down to the beach for a swim, sheltering under the tiki style hut by the water, or grilling home made burgers on the conviniently located bbq.

Do you know the manager, Tim Brathwaite? Well I recently came across this video online and nearly died laughing. He's been increasing L.A.E Cottages web presence and I couldn't resist sharing this with you. Want to see what's cooking? Follow this link:



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