Friday, July 10, 2009

Louis Vuitton meets the Spice Isle (Grenada)

I am a self professed Louis Vuitton addict. I have a list of purses I intend to buy during the course of my lifetime (when I become famous of course). My friends think I'm crazy but I don't care. For now I am content with my little Louis Vuitton clutch that my boyfriend bought me (out of pity) several years ago. Every now and then I take it out of its box, admire it fondly, and then squirrel it away for special occasions.

As soon as I looked at these seeds I knew something was familiar about them. It didn't take me long to figure out that they reminded me a lot of one of my favorite red handbags: the Louis Vuitton Alma GM (a classic of the house). It's a gorgeous large monogrammed vernis leather purse and it's form is perfectly echoed in these lustrous red seeds.

These seeds are very special. This variety come specifically from Grenada (the Spice Isle) and were hand gathered by a lovely local resident. I pick a small supply up when I visit each year in December. I hand drilled them in my studio, polished them with special oil, and then suspend the gems on 14k gold filled rings. Simple, understated and elegant! Luxury straight from the Island of Spice (Grenada).



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